Taster Session

Taster session dogtooth climbing gym

During the taster session our friendly staff will take care of all safety aspects, rope work, help and encourage you while you just climb and have fun! 


Cost: $7 per participant plus $18 per 30 minutes of instructor time.

For example:                  

1 participant for 30 minutes is $25 or 1 hour for $43

2 participants for 30 minutes is $32 or 1 hour for $50

3 participants for 30 minutes is $39 or 1 hour for $57

Our taster sessions are ideal for those wanting to try climbing at Dogtooth Climbing Gym.

This fun session is something you can do on your own or with friends and family with

one of friendly instructors.  

Price includes equipment rental and instructor time on the ropes.

After the ropes if you still have energy you can climb in our bouldering cave for a short about of time.  Subject to any COVID-19 restrictions.